This Grilled Cheese with Onion is SO easy that it's barely a recipe - but SO good that it's like eating a gourmet grilled cheese.  It's an delicious twist on your favourite classic comfort food, and the perfect easy lunch or dinner for adults and kids alike.


Grilled Paneer Sandwich recipe is an easy sandwich made with crumbled paneer,spices.veggies and herbs.Thepaneer sandwich makes for a breakfast or snack and is kids`friendly .sanwiches are great alternate  to the time consuming traditional indian breakfast like Paratha,Poha,Idli,Dosa and Upma.


Sandwiches are a favourite among many and like to enjoy for the breakfast or evening Chai. BOMBAY SANWICHES are quite common street food not only in Mumbai but even in other parts of India .Most chat places, tea shops,tiffen centres& Indian restaurants have a verity of Mumbai street foods on their menu. These Veg grilled sandwiches can be made for breakfast lunch. These can be carried to work as they keep good for few hours. Green Chutney and sandwich masala are the key ingredients to make this grilled sandwiches taste great.


Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which is a delicious way to satisfy your growling stomachs. Be it a potluck or kitty party, just make it as a quick meal and satisfy your taste buds. All you need to prepare this delicious sandwich recipe is white bread, boiled chicken, mayonnaise, red and green bell peppers, lettuce, butter and some salt along with chaat masala for taste. This is an easy recipe that can be made for breakfast, lunch as well as brunch. Also, if you are allergic to spices, this is a must try dish for you.

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